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The Digital Satan Webcam

There is two ways to download our videos. Just clicking on the link on our website or using kazaa. Kazaa may be faster for the larger downloads and plus it better utilizes the bandwith. But kazaa may not work if there arent any users who put this video in there share folder. Rember Shareing IS Careing, well you may need to use the slower but more dependable links down below. Just click on the File Name in the table below. if you preferr to use kazaa so you know. there may not be a user online with the film you may want.


we will only have a kazaa key word for the films (till i can get a server to put all the films on) This will not include Stupidhead videos you will have to go top the stupid head section

Rules for finding videos from DS on Kazaa

  • No specal characters in keywords!
  • There will always be a DS for the first two letters
  • First letter of every word of the name of the film i.e. Anti-smoking ninjas is ASN (do not include the common words and, or, the, of, and other such common words. But do include Anti if there is an Anti. Anti will always be a seperate word.)

Do you not have kazaa? Then get kazaa or get Kazaa lite Resurrection


Name Keyword File name File size About
Anti-Smoking Ninjas 1 DSASN1 Ninjasmoke1- DSASN1.wmv 8,281kb The DS team as ninjas doing a psa aganst smoking.