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Kazaa Lite Resurection or

Old Version is some times better. com

Naruto- This anime rocks. Check it out. You can download VIA Kazaa Lite (please keep the videos in your shared folder) Just use the key word Naruto, Both Toriyama and ANBU-AonE are great Encoders and I recomend downloading one from them. Just a note- Both ANBU-AonE and Toriyama are not 100% the same translation, there is no Perfect translation, they are working to there best and closest match.
Toriyama's World - Can download Videos via bittorrent (but use Kazaa, no one uses Bittorrent anymore really)
you will need Divx in order to watch You can get it in The Kazaa Lite Codec pack that can be found at the website above.
Naruto - This website is low on resources, but they rock! You will have trouble downloading a file cause the servers are often full, but good luck they use ANBU-AonE encoded videos.

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