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Potato Cannon

Build At Your Own Risk! The following may be dangerous if misused.

Spud guns are a device that uses air pressure or a controlled explosion to launch potatos some distance.

If you are not stupid with them a spudgun may be a fun and safe toy. if you are dumb, they can be deadly. depending apon materials, propellent, gun. this can fire objects at over 400 MPH if a baseball can break ribs at 85 mph what will a 250 mph potato do to you? But don't get me wrong Potato guns Kick ass.

Simple- $20-$40 15 min

What you need

  • Ingition System- BBQ Sparker
  • 1.5"ABS pipe if you can get just 3-6 feet
  • 1.5" X 3" ABS pipe resizer
  • 3" ABS pipe if you can get just 3-4 feet
  • 3" ABS cleanout plug
  • 3" ABS female modifier
  • abs-pvc prepration stuff (purple jar purple goo) and glue (brown jar clear goo)


  1. Cut 1.5" pipe to be around 2'-4' long
  2. Cut 3" pipe to be around 2'-3' long
  3. Prepare the pipe ends and inside the female fittings (not the cleanout)
  4. Glue together (not the cleanout)
  5. Hold together for around 15 sec to let glue set
  6. use the picture as a diagram for using a bbq sparker setup i drilled two small holes for the wire to pole through and strung to sparker.

Be forewarned that you may accdently spark yourself. If it is a store bought BBQ sparker for ovens and such it will only tickle.