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Welcome to Digital Satan

New Webcam!!! Click here to see!

I am going to hand build a server to run firefly and this website off of. If you want to aid me in any way, I can use some help. Come here to see what I need


Sorry if Digital Satan was temporly down. I did not think it would be possable to cap the 1gig transfer a month. but in the past weeks this site has becoming real popular and the speed has been real slow due to the number of visits a day. if you would like to help by donations please e-mail or AIM me. digitalsatan (at) AIM is nohbudystaco.


The power of moose compelles you!


If you notice a problem please notify DS at digitalsatan(at) Thank you for your support. i am currently coding a guestbook because i found the cgi_bin untill then you can use the DS form for complaints, complements ,and all of our fuckups plus other rants or raves about our site.

a construction sign would be cool right here. if you have one e-mail it to me.

digitalsatan (at)

I would like you to know that this website is still under construction and there may or may not be broken links. If you so happen to Encounter such a problem then please don't worry or fuss. just push the back button on your browser and you should be alright now. Please check back often to see the status of this website.


Thank you

Webmaster, Nohbudy


Mission statement.

To expand peoples minds about communism and socalism.To let them know the truth, the evil truth about conservitism and republican politics. In order to build a better nation for everyone, and remove classes.